13 August

Let’s Rise To Lift Others

Today, we are moving towards modern technology in some parts of the world and touching the moon. And in some other regions, people are still fighting for their fundamental rights.   Lwaki is an NGO with a great initiative to empower girls, provide essential services, free digital skills training for girls and women living in […]

23 June

Since its a request to everyone

Dear fellow humans,Its been over a year and a half since our fight with the lethal virus began and we aren’t sure how long is this battle gonna last. Several medical martyrs and other subjects of the world have lost their precious lives during the course. Some of us are privileged enough to have a […]

12 June

Meet VIVI’s New Charity Partner: LWAKI YE

VIVI Naturals’ mission is “to illuminate one’s natural beauty and bravery from the inside out.” That involves empowering women and children around the globe and working with charity partners to ensure these goals and hopes are satisfied. We’re excited to announce our newest charity parter, Lwaki Ye! Based in Uganda, Lwaki Ye is dedicated to women’s social-economic, leadership and health […]

31 May

Quest For an Ideal Society

Long ago when humans were unaware of the sheer brilliance they possessed, the order of society would have been questionable to a modern human eye. Things were different back then as the human race was at the inception of evolution. The raw apes hunt animals to quench their hunger, there was no discrimination between the […]

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