• VIVI Naturals' mission is "to illuminate one’s natural beauty and bravery from the inside out." That involves empowering women and children around the globe and working with charity partners to ensure these goals and hopes are satisfied.
  • We're excited to announce our newest charity parter, Lwaki Ye! Based in Uganda, Lwaki Ye is dedicated to women’s social-economic, leadership and health interests in East Africa.
  • This program is part of a larger project that is on track to benefit 10,000 people by 2023. It's expected that around 500 of them will build their own successful businesses in the process. Considering the unemployment rate in Uganda is over 60%, initiatives like Lwaki Ye are essential to lifting communities out of poverty.
  • Read on for an interview with Lwaki Ye's Founder to learn more about their story and how you can get involved.
  • Read More on the below link.
  • https://www.vivinaturals.com/blogs/vivi-journal/meet-vivis-new-charity-partner-lwaki-ye
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