How Lwaki ye was born?

Mr. Godfrey Lukanga, Ms. Beatrice and Ms. Paola with passion to empower the grassroots women worked together and started women empowerment group because of their realization that grassroots women were viewed as liability, pride price and they were abusively tortured by their husbands and their places were fixed to be kitchen, actually most of the heavy loads are done women.

This suppression and the suffering of these women under the hands of their masculine partners made women to be objects of male manipulations to fit their desires and we thought wise to empower them to know their rights and potential so as they can to compete with men without fear of repression
So that’s how LWAKI YE came up, lwaki ye is a native –Luganda word meaning “WHY HER”, this was the question I was mostly asking myself…seeing marginalized and vulnerable women in repression.


Lwake yi is a grassroots community based organization that champions women interests, rights, health social-economic, leadership, basic freedom and privileges applying to humanity and dignity of the person.

Target group: poor, marginalized and vulnerable women

The organization main GOAL is to advance women’s social-economic, leadership and health interests for the empowerment of the grassroots feminine species in Uganda and East African.


How the program benefits the community and the girls, and why should people help?
The program helps to enlighten vulnerable on their rights The program has increased the participation of the marginalized and vulnerable women in decision making
Improving living standards of women and their households. Women can be able to pay school fees for their children and also provide at least one meal Increased confidence among marginalized and vulnerable women.

How can people help?

Corporate fundraising – Volunteering and program adoption- people can chip in their time, skills, advice and ability
Donations – this can be an item, in kind or finances. People can donate tailoring machines, money for building women entrepreneurship center etc

Sponsorship – people/companies can help support a specific program of their choice.


Your help?

Your help will at large extend support leadership development through focused dialogues to inform marginalized and vulnerable women of their rights as women and how they can become financially strong, and also take ownership

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