Lwaki Ye Initiative

  • Helping women Manoeuvre through dependence, independence and become interdependent and self reliant.

What we do

Health empowerment

Millions of girls are denied the right to manage their monthly menstrual cycle in a dignified way.

Economic empowerment

Women with business knowledge, skills and attitude are the beneficiary of this program.

Digital training

Nearly 30 women have benefited from this; they can market their businesses online.


Many communities in Uganda, talking about menstruation is a TABOO! For this reason, many girls go through their menstruation secretly!

How Lwaki ye was born?

Mr. Godfrey Lukanga, Ms. Beatrice and Ms. Paola with passion to empower the grassroots women worked together and started women empowerment group because of their realization that grassroots women were viewed as liability, pride price and they were abusively tortured by their husbands and their places were fixed to be kitchen, actually most of the heavy loads are done women.

This suppression and the suffering of these women under the hands of their masculine partners made women to be objects of male manipulations to fit their desires and we thought wise to empower them to know their rights and potential so as they can to compete with men without fear of repression
So that’s how LWAKI YE came up, lwaki ye is a native –Luganda word meaning “WHY HER”, this was the question I was mostly asking myself…seeing marginalized and vulnerable women in repression.

  • With this challenge, Lwaki Ye introduced this program to equip them with business knowledge, skills and attitude.
  • Women do hand craft, grocery and tailoring and nearly 100 women from 2 slum communities in Kampala have benefited.
  • Lwaki Ye has pledged herself to provide free digital skills training for girls and women living in disadvantaged communities across Uganda.
  • Nearly 30 women have benefited from this; they can market their business online.
  • Unemployment rate in Uganda is above 60%, and the need of entrepreneurs is arising.
  • This program is part of a project that will benefit 10,000 people by 2023. We expect that around 500 of them build their own successful businesses.
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