31 May, 2021

Quest For an Ideal Society

Long ago when humans were unaware of the sheer brilliance they possessed, the order of society would have been questionable to a modern human eye. Things were different back then as the human race was at the inception of evolution. The raw apes hunt animals to quench their hunger, there was no discrimination between the men and women as they weren’t aware of anything other than the mere difference in their physicalities, they were themselves learning to deal with everything around them as the entire world was free to accept them with open arms. They had freedom in the truest sense. The only purpose was to live a day longer, which was survival. Fast forward millions of years later, today; the human is still a part of the evolutionary process and has evolved enough to earn a decent living for themselves. We have made progress in all possible arenas; from the moon landing to medications for the ill, from art as a form of expression to art as a living, bird watching from above terrace to watch planes fly by, we have done it all. People still hunt animals, sometimes humans, not for survival but to suppress the choices of those that need to be heard. If we could achieve all that we have today,did we regress as a society? was the early era a paragon of an ideal society? Did we partially evolve? How did discrimination, poverty, inequality and the other demons of the society emerge?

“Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is a man made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.”

   – Nelson Mandela

Well, time travel isn’t possible. What we all can do is to work on these loopholes and strive towards a better society, an ideal society. Let’s uproot these Byzantines together. Let’s be humans in an actual way.

We at Lwaki Ye are determined to reach out and help people replace poverty, illness, illiteracy with balanced livelihoods. We can’t do it alone and hence need your support in making our vision a success.

“We can’t help everyone, But everyone can help someone.” 

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