• Mission:
  • “Mobilizing Community leaders to train and empower widows and orphans in business, Sustainable Farming practices, and Computer skills to improve their standards of living using the available resources”
  • Vision:
  •  “Moving Community”
  • LWAKIYE’s Main Goals are:
  • To advance widow’s and orphan’s social-economic.
  • The program helps to enlighten widows and orphans on their rights.
  • The program has increased the participation of widows and orphans in decision-making.
  • Improving living standards of widows and their households.
  • Increased confidence among widows and orphans.
  • We believe that in order to end poverty and illiteracy we need to create jobs. Helping widows and orphans Maneuver through dependence, independence, and become interdependent and self-reliant.
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